A little update

I haven’t been super active here because I went overseas, and then I started studying Honours while working 24 hours a week, and all my astrology energy is going towards the few chart readings I’ve committed to doing. It’s been enriching to interpret charts in new different ways with people I don’t know at all, especially because it’s so easy to fit aspects to people you do know.

Because of my workload, I’ve put my prices up, though I am still open to bringing those prices down if someone is experiencing hardship and wants a reading to help them through it. The old prices will apply to anybody who contacted me before I changed my prices.

I am hopefully going to start doing podcasts again properly too, and helping people learn how to read their own charts… but I think I am learning to prioritise my time and understand I can’t do everything all at once. Boundaries and limitations! Being reliable is understanding how much you can’t do. A real Saturn vs. Jupiter lesson (something I might talk about in a podcast).

Wishing you all warmth and peace X

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