Scorpio New Moon & Lemonade


“Fasted for 60 days. Wore white. Abstained from mirrors. Abstained from sex. Slowly did not speak another word. And that time my hair I grew past my ankles. I slept on a mat on the floor. I swallowed a sword. I levitated. Into the basement, confessed my sins and was baptized in a river. Got on my knees and said, “Amen” and said, “I mean,” I whipped my own back and asked for dominion at your feet. I threw myself into a volcano, I drank the blood and drank the wine,  I sat alone in begged and bent at the waist for God. I crossed myself in thought, I saw the devil. I grew thickened skin on my feet. I bathed in bleach and plugged my menses with the pages from the holy book, but still inside me coiled deep was the need to know. Are you cheating on me?”

New moon and full moons occur six months apart in each sign. We had a full moon at 2º Scorpio on the 22nd of April. Both rulers Mars and Pluto had just begun their retrograde motions, in Sagittarius and Capricorn respectively.

On the 30th of October, the new moon will be at 7º Scorpio, conjunct Mercury and trine Neptune in Pisces. Mars has been direct for a while, moving through Capricorn and recently conjoining Pluto, also direct.

Beyoncé released Lemonade on the 22nd of April (the 23rd in different time zones). It was so unbelievably Plutonic, with themes of rage, obsession, exhaustion, ruin, regeneration, witchcraft, and collective power. Some might remember it as a passing event, but for those who were left reeling by Lemonade, this new moon is a step forward, pulling together all the ways your life has changed since then to set new intentions. How did those representations of emotional depths move you? Did you feel bared and vulnerable, but also connected to something larger than you, something that is slowly moving and transforming? Did it cause you to reflect on your relationships, on where you seek power, and when (if ever) you choose to forgive? Did it give rise to new desires for connection, validation, strength?

For a new moon ritual, I like to set a single theme related to the sign that I want to concentrate my energies towards. For Scorpio, that theme could be intimacy, psychological healing, spirituality, contact with birth or death, radical transformation, inner power, personal truth, or deconstructive work.

Here are some themes that could come up according to where 7º Scorpio falls in your chart. If you don’t know what signs your house cusps are in, you can do a natal chart calculation here.

1st house:
Interrogating your way of moving through the world. Transforming your image. Seeing how your social persona is related to your sense of power. Regaining initiative and drive. Bringing more of yourself out into your day-to-day life. Communicating your identity with all its complexity. Making your motives clear.

2nd house:
Building values that stick. Cracking open the foundations of your life to rebuild. Seeing where you invest your self-worth — taking back your self-worth from external things. Meeting your own needs.

3rd house:
Communicating your truth. Clearing your mind of emotional debris. Disrupting and deconstructing thought patterns. Appreciating depth of thought. Reconfiguring your relationship to learning and schooling — prioritising quality over quantity.

4th house:
Cultivating privacy and solitude. Healing psychological patterns and intergenerational wounds inherited from parents. Taking time to rest and emotionally recharge. Protecting your home from bad vibes. Understanding and finding purpose in your roots. Expressing your true self with those you trust. Steadying yourself by developing emotional strength. Finding power in your ancestry.

5th house:
Creativity as catharsis. Using play as psychological care. Giving voice to your inner child. Taking emotional risks with creative work. Allowing full range of emotional expression. Taking control of your idle impulses and channelling them into something meaningful. Subverting power relations in your art.

6th house:
Reconfiguring power in your work. Caring for health as warfare. Investigating the politics of health. Transforming your routine. Focusing and drawing meaning from the details of living. Giving importance to physical pain. Listening to your body.

7th house:
Deepening your partnerships. Becoming aware of psychological projections and breaking down black and white thinking in relationships. Understanding the reactions and perspectives of the other. Allowing other people’s personal truths to exist with your own in partnership.

8th house:
Deriving true satisfaction from intimacy. Connecting through sharing emotions. Learning the rhythms of give and take. Sharing your emotional and physical resources, and allowing others to share their resources with you. Getting in touch with spiritual sensitivity. Internalising your locus of control. Making peace with impermanence. Letting go.

9th house:
Broadening your view of power. Learning in depth about power operating in the world today, and teaching others what you have learnt. Valuing collective emotional and experiential knowledge. Forming relationships based on shared knowledge and experience. Educating yourself as resistance.

10th house:
Gifting your personal power to society. Protesting societal abuses of power. Detaching emotionally from public recognition and your reputation. Bringing the personal (the private) into the public. Emotionally investing in goals and growth.

11th house:
Forming powerful ties to the collective. Making room for voices to be heard. Facilitating social change through emotional connection. Transforming friendships. Experiencing intimacy in community. Giving others the freedom to express personal truth. Questioning and reconstructing collective identities.

12th house:
Coming to terms with your whole, secretive self. Unearthing buried emotions. Seeing who you become when you are truly alone. Integrating psychological experiences and possible wounds from living in institutions (schools, prison, hospitals). Accepting your own intensity. Radically validating your emotional experience. Being open to spiritual insight.

With these themes, you can create affirmations. Make sure to write the affirmations definitively and in the present tense, i.e. “I radically validate my emotional experience” rather than “I will radically validate my emotional experience.”

After you write them down, fold the paper up and rest knowing your intentions will come to fruition, to help you grow, over this next lunar cycle.

s.o. xx


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